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The sunset shoot that was not

I swear the weather has something against me. Half of my shoots are done in either overcast conditions or even outright rain. And whenever I don’t have shoots, I would look out my window and see the most beautiful sunset ever! Nonetheless, with “summer” approaching in Singapore and how many of my friends have been flooding my Facebook timeline with amazing sunset pictures lately, I thought what could go wrong given the recent run of fine weather we’ve been having.

So over the long Labour Day weekend, I spontaneously messaged a good ballerina friend of mine – Chihiro Uchida – to ask if she was interested in taking some sunset dance pictures especially after noticing the bright blue skies and cotton candy white clouds outside my window that Sunday morning. I was really excited about the prospect of finally getting some good sunset dance pictures in Singapore; and with both Chihiro and my co-collaborator Merv available that day, things were looking very positive.

However, true to form, one hour before we were scheduled to meet, the sky turned all lifeless and grey. Clouds had rolled in and gone was the warm golden evening light. Still, when one of Singapore’s top ballerinas makes herself available for you, as a photographer and consummate professional, I had to somehow make it work!

So, here are the results of our “sunset” shoot! Chihiro, as always, was her usual amazing and enthusiastic self throughout the shoot, and we had a really great time. We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much as we loved creating them!


On the bright side (ha!), the overcast sky made the background appear lusher, which I thought complemented Chihiro’s new lavendar leotard beautifully.


Everything’s so grey! But this allowed Chihiro’s pretty red vintage dress to stand out beautifully.


The sky did finally break out into pinkish hues towards the end, but only for a brief few minutes.


Enjoying the cool evening sea breeze.


Our last shot before calling it a day and linking up with our families for a delicious dim sum dinner nearby.


All images are the property of Irving Neil Kwok & Merv Kwok, Six Senses Photography and protected by international copyright laws. Any publication or distribution of images in this Blog without my express permission are strictly prohibited.

2 Responses
  • Abid
    June 17, 2017

    So wonderful and lovely shots. I like it so much and so wonders to see you skills of photography. I heartly appreciate it.

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