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Osaka & Kyoto Highlights from Dec 2016

Our recent trip to Japan was a great success despite a few blips like unexpected snow, accidentally taking an express train to the wrong city en route to a shoot, and getting scolded by a yakuza-like yakitori stall assistant. Fun times!

Nonetheless, our whirlwind 4-day trip saw us collaborate with amazing ballerinas Ayano Kimura of the Washington Ballet (US), Sayaka Wakita of the Astana Ballet (Kazakhstan), Ami Naito of the State Opera Varna (Bulgaria) who were all back in Japan for the year end holidays, popular local contemporary dancer and model Kozue Kawabe, and finally Thomas Bloch (who was visiting Japan for the very first time!) in the cities of Kyoto and Osaka.… continue reading

Japan Tour Dates 2016

Japan remains one of our favourite photography destinations thanks to its great urban landscapes whose architecture blends both modern and traditional elements so effortlessly. Not only that, it’s a country that’s also blessed with great weather and even greater cuisine, always a big plus to balance the exertions experienced during long days of shooting.

Thus, to end 2016, it’s only fitting that we return to this amazing country.… continue reading