Links to Blogs and websites of our favourite dancers and fellow dance photographers!


  • Chihiro Uchida
    Principal dancer at the Singapore Dance Theatre, she’s a budding photographer and lover of all things vintage. THE dancer I watched when attending my first ever ballet performance and I’d never have imagined that I would one day collaborate with her too. Pinch me I must be dreaming!
  • Sayaka Wakita
    Soloist at the Astana Ballet, another budding photographer and the only dancer I know who can balance a professional dance career while doing a degree program with one of the finest institutions of higher learning on the planet!
  • Elisa Montalvo
    Dancer and choreographer, currently creating for Shanghai Disney, she’s one of the smartest dancers I know who is adept at both formulating complex dance choreography as well as mathematical models.
  • Jessica (Coco) Xuan
    Coryphee at the Dutch National Ballet, she’s a lover of fashion and creator of fine recipes (when not busy charming her legion of fans on her popular Instagram page!).



  • Dean Barucija aka Picked Thoughts
    Dance and fashion photographer based in Berlin, he captures some of the best aesthetics of the human form out there and his studio work is a real treat for the eyes!
  • Haze Kware aka HK Visuals
    Dance photographer based in Strasbourg, France, he has some of the most drool-worthy location pictures out there, often arranging permission with amazing venues just for his project.
  • Pelayo Gonzalez
    Dance photographer based in Spain, he does lots of location work like me around the historic cities there.
  • Andrey Bezuglov
    Dance and commercial photographer based in Kiev, Ukraine. I had the pleasure of helping him with a shoot when he visited Singapore, a real social media pro and all round funny guy!