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Ballet at the Salle Labrouste Reading Room

It’s not often that we get permission to do ballet photoshoots indoors, but whenever it happens, we know that we would be in for a treat! During a whirlwind 2 day trip to Paris last year, we managed to gain access to the spectacular Salle Labrouste reading room located at the Bibliothèque de l’INHA. Designed by the renowned architect Henri Labrouste in the late 19th century,

First dance shoot in Australia

Last December, while on family vacation in Perth, I had the opportunity to collaborate with May Yen, a really talented and beautiful dancer who grew up there but now lives in Singapore and dances for the Singapore Dance Theatre. It was my first dance photo shoot in Australia and also our first time collaborating so how cool was it to be able to create pictures in her hometown.

The sunset shoot that was not

I swear the weather has something against me. Half of my shoots are done in either overcast conditions or even outright rain. And whenever I don’t have shoots, I would look out my window and see the most beautiful sunset ever! Nonetheless, with “summer” approaching in Singapore and how many of my friends have been flooding my Facebook timeline with amazing sunset pictures lately,

Osaka & Kyoto Highlights from Dec 2016

Our recent trip to Japan was a great success despite a few blips like unexpected snow, accidentally taking an express train to the wrong city en route to a shoot, and getting scolded by a yakuza-like yakitori stall assistant. Fun times!

Nonetheless, our whirlwind 4-day trip saw us collaborate with amazing ballerinas Ayano Kimura of the Washington Ballet (US),

Japan Tour Dates 2016

Japan remains one of our favourite photography destinations thanks to its great urban landscapes whose architecture blends both modern and traditional elements so effortlessly. Not only that, it’s a country that’s also blessed with great weather and even greater cuisine, always a big plus to balance the exertions experienced during long days of shooting.

Thus, to end 2016,

Hong Kong Highlights 2016

From the modern skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island to the old dilapidated buildings of Kowloon, Hong Kong is always such a photographer’s treat.  Here are some of our favourite photos taken over multiple trips made to HK in 2016!


Hong Kong Ballet dancer Vanessa Lai doesn’t let the bad weather get to her as she mirrors the new Kowloon skyline in the background.